Rihanna Unleashes the PUMA Fenty Trainer


(Image Source: HighSnobiety.com)

A powerhouse in both music and fashion, singer Rihanna is also one of PUMA’s most well known creative directors. Her latest offering, the Fenty Trainer, is a boldly futuristic sneaker, breaking down barriers between athletics and style with an innovative Ariaprene upper.


(Image Source: HighSnobiety.com)

Ariaprene gives the Fenty Trainer its lightweight breathability and flexible shape retention for a snug, comfortable fit. The upper tapers into the Trainer’s most striking feature, a perforated tongue that extends further up the leg for a distinctive, eye-catching look. With monochrome black, white and red colorways, Ariaprene helps to put the Fenty Trainer on the cutting edge of fashion and performance.

The first wave of Fenty Trainers was released on February 26th, 2016 and sold out quickly thanks to Rihanna’s dedicated fans. For availability in the future, be sure to check out Rihanna’s picks on the PUMA website.


Ariaprene Scores at the 2016 NBA All-Star Game

The 46th annual NBA All-Star Game saw a record level of scoring with 369 combined points from East and West , as well as a memorable final all-star performance by Kobe Bryant. The game also showcased Nike’s most advanced sneakers to date, equipping the NBA’s best athletes with the highest performance footwear on the market.


(Nike HyperRev 2016. Image source: NiceKicks.com)

Al Horford, DeMarcus Cousins and Draymond Green sported the Nike HyperRev 2016 with bold, individualized upper patterns. The HyperRev is designed for quick attack, featuring a full-length mesh upper with a supportive Ariaprene collar.


(Nike Jordan Rising High. Image source: NiceKicks.com)

Pistons center Andre Drummond was seen in a set of Jordan Rising High sneakers with a sleek, simplified design. Diamond-shaped perforations on the upper and Ariaprene collar enhance the shoe’s breathability and comfort.


(Nike Jordan Super.Fly 4 PO. Image source: NiceKicks.com)

The Jordan Super.Fly 4 PO provided speed and power for Portland Trail Blazers’ LaMarcus Aldridge. A foam-backed Ariaprene upper gives the Super.Fly 4 its lightweight performance and superior impact protection.

The HyperRev 2016, Jordan Rising High and Jordan Super.Fly 4 are available now at the Nike website. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see more Ariaprene in action on the court and beyond.


Speed and Style with the Keen Versatrail

Keen Versatrail with Ariaprene Tongue

(Image source: KeenFootwear.com)

Keen footwear is known for creating styles that adapt easily to both the trails and the city. With that design philosophy in mind, the brand recently debuted the Keen Versatrail, a lightweight trail runner and speed hiker built for both outdoor trekking and casual wear.

The Versatrail puts comfort in each step with a dual density EVA midsole, a lightweight mesh upper and an Ariaprene foam tongue. Ariaprene allows the shoe to breathe while maintaining a snug fit. Multiple colorways give the Versatrail its adaptable style, from evocative reds and greens to stylish all-purpose blacks and grays.

Keen Versatrail

The Keen Versatrail is available in men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes at the Keen website and outdoor footwear retailers.


The Comeback of the Nike Air Mowabb


(Image source: NikeBlog.com)

For decades the Nike ACG line has brought urban chic to sport utility footwear, and few ACG shoes have been more influential than the Air Mowabb. First released in 1991, the Mowabb’s speckled outsole and eye-catching upper pattern became icons for a generation of sneaker design.

To celebrate 25 years of ACG innovation, the Nike Air Mowabb made a comeback in 2015, featuring all-new colorways and materials. The bootie of the new Air Mowabb uses Ariaprene as a sustainable replacement for its original synthetic rubber construction. From classic Trail End Brown to the new Militia Green and All-Black colorways, Ariaprene gives the Air Mowabb its bold style and lightweight, breathable comfort.

Using non-toxic Ariaprene is helping Nike push closer towards its overall sustainability goals. Innovations like Flyknit manufacturing and the Making App allow designers to make eco-friendly choices in materials and methods. Nike’s continued efforts to reduce their impact are setting a powerful example for major apparel companies looking to step up their sustainability game.


(Image source: NikeBlog.com)

The Nike Air Mowabb is available in limited supply at select footwear retailers.


Make Chances—and a Cleaner World—with the New Balance Visaro


Image Credit: newbalance.com

An icon in the world of running shoes, the New Balance brand is known for boldly moving forward, a philosophy that drives both its product innovations and its efforts towards sustainability. In 2015, Ariaprene was thrilled to support New Balance on both fronts, as the company launched its first and critically acclaimed ventures into soccer, the Visaro and the Furon.

The Visaro and Furon build on New Balance’s tested knowledge of lightweight athletic footwear as well as insights from professionals like Aaron Ramsey and Vincent Kompany. For the Visaro Pro FG, New Balance chose Ariaprene to create a breathable mesh upper with a range of striking colorways. The upper conforms tightly and comfortably to the foot, giving players intuitive, razor-sharp midfield control.

new_balance_visaro_youtubeClick to watch product breakdown on YouTube

Ariaprene’s earth-friendly features are also helping New Balance achieve its core sustainability goals. The brand employs an in-house chemistry team to restrict toxic substances and maintain a list of environmentally preferred materials like Ariaprene for use in design and production. To affirm their commitment to a cleaner world, New Balance and others have joined the ZDHC group, working to reduce their discharge of hazardous chemicals to zero by 2020.

The Visaro Pro FG and related products are available now at the New Balance website.


Quiksilver AG47 Boardshorts


Ariaprene is about striking a balance with nature. Last year Quiksilver released the AG47 New Wave bonded 19” boardshorts, tailored with leading-edge, eco-friendly materials like Ariaprene to help preserve the oceans that surfers love.

The AG47 boardshorts include a non-toxic Ariaprene synthetic rubber waistband with an eye-catching perforated mesh pattern. The waistband is performance fit, joined with a cinch tie closure to fit snugly around the hips. Ariaprene boosts the lightweight, quick-drying features of the AG47, alongside Quiksilver’s Dry Flight 4-way stretch material, and Repreve post-consumer recycled polyester, which keeps up to eleven plastic water bottles out of landfills with each pair.

See the AG47 in action on YouTube, and learn more about Quiksilver’s most advanced boardshorts yet at Quiksilver.com.


Carhartt Force Work Boot with Ariaprene Liner

It’s no surprise that a generation who grew up in sneakers expects the same level of comfort from their work boots. That’s why Carhartt developed the Carhartt Force footwear series, durable work boots designed to mimic the athletics of a modern running shoe.

Carhartt Force work boot with Ariaprene liner

Image Credit: Carhartt.com

To make this hybrid design a reality, the Carhartt Force shoes use innovative materials like Ariaprene, a non-toxic synthetic rubber that has become a staple of athletic footwear. Ariaprene gives the Carhartt Force its breathable mesh lining, working in tandem with other moisture wicking features to keep the foot dry throughout the work day. It also helps boot achieve its lightweight feel, while maintaining the standard safety features of a traditional work boot.

The Carhartt Force series with Ariaprene lining is available now through Carhartt.com.


Serena Williams Serves Up the NikeCourt Flare Tennis Shoe

In tennis, the difference between winning and losing hinges, literally, on a player’s ankles and wrists.

Just ask Serena Williams. After 20 major singles championships, the 33-year-old veteran is virtually indomitable. But even Williams has voiced fears about repeating the ankle injuries she incurred in recent years, which had the potential to slow her astounding 86% win record.

It was at this moment of vulnerability that Williams teamed up with Nike innovator Aaron Cooper to design a new breed of tennis shoe, using Ariaprene® foam to create a game-changing form of ankle support.

Image Credit: Nike.com Image Credit: Nike.com


The NikeCourt Flare is a lightweight tennis shoe with a form-fitting Ariaprene® ankle cuff. With its elastic, breathable fit and its quick recovery and response, the Ariaprene® cuff melds intuitively with the NikeCourt Flare’s minimalist design, reminiscent of Nike’s legendary Kobe series. The cuff extends into a secondary bootie inside the shoe, providing integrated ankle support from the ground up.

In an interview with Nike.com, Williams credits the Ariaprene® cuff for giving her greater confidence and physical awareness. “Mentally,” says Williams, “when you have something around your ankle, it kind of feels like it has more balance on it.”

This sense of balance comes from the kung fu principle of “unencumbered flexibility,” an idea that inspired Cooper to reach out to Ariaprene® for the NikeCourt Flare’s cuff design.

“This cuff,” says Cooper, “enables the shoe to be more connected to you mentally, so you are more aware of what is on your foot, and this becomes more an extension of your own personal self.”

Image Credit: Nike.com Image Credit: Nike.com


Watch the full interview with Serena Williams and Aaron Cooper below, and discover the NikeCourt Flare at the Nike online store.


This Nike Cleat Steps Up to the Plate

The Nike Huarache 2K Filth was created for a new kind of baseball athlete. Focused on lightweight fit and performance, Nike has once again delivered a product that matches the new generation’s expectations on the diamond.

Nike Filth Athletic Shoe

The Huarache cleat’s upper features an inventive Ariaprene bootie that provides lockdown support for a comfortable feel throughout the athlete’s entire season.

Nike Filth Baseball Cleat

In 1992, footwear legends Tinker Hatfield and Eric Avar introduced this new technology that concentrated on footwear acting as a true extension of the human body. Since its birth Huarache technology has been adapted to provide superior comfort and fit across various sports such as basketball and football.

Nike established the Huarache baseball line in 2005 and has been a leader in innovation for the sport ever since its inception. To learn more about the Nike Huarache 2K Filth, check out Nike.com.


Fun in the Sun Kids’ Sandals

Sunny days are finally here, which means having fun in the sun and going on adventures with the family. Sunny days also mean it is time to protect your kid’s skin from sunburns. Besides using sunscreen, hats and shades, how do children protect their feet in the summertime? The answer sits with Nike. Nike actually came out with a baby, toddler and young kid sandal called Sunray Protect for sunny playtime protection.

Kids Nike Sandals SP

Made with a lightweight midsole and soft VELCRO adjustable strap, this sandal makes for a cozy fit for any active boy or girl. These unique, vibrant sandals are built for comfort and withstanding warm-weather, making this shoe extremely durable. On the outside there is a molded rubber outsole for the best traction a sandal can have, and on the inside there is a phylon midsole to create maximum cushioning. Hypoallergenic Ariaprene uppers add to the outside protection and help make a comfortable snug fit.

Blue Nike Kids Sandal
Parent-approved and kid-loved, these unique sandals are built for comfort and withstanding warm-weather, making this sandal extremely durable and fun for any kid!

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