10 Things You Can Recycle In Your Home

What are some items that you can recycle in your home? You can recycle almost everything. I practically go through a spring cleaning session at least once a month. I recycle and giveaway things that I am no longer using. It feels great when I find a new home for “stuff” that just sits and collects dust. Note that the bigger items may not be accepted curbside for recycling so do your research in your community. There are places you can bring them to.

Here’s a list that you can start with….

  • Batteries that are used in households such as:
    • alkaline-maganese
    • button cell
    • carbon-zinc
    • lead-acid (automotive and non-automotive)
    • lithium-ion (Li-ion)
    • nickel-cadmium (NiCd)
    • nickel metal hydride (NiMH)
    • silver oxide batteries

Earth911.com is a great place to find recycling centers for batteries. Check it out.

  • Clothing: You can donate clothing to Goodwill, local thrift stores, numerous charities (just research “donate clothing” in the search engines), or you can even give it away within your neighborhood. Where I live in Ojai, CA, we have an amazing facebook group called Unconditional Give or Take where we can post items that you are giving away or looking for.   It’s not a trade or barter, it’s strictly unconditional giving or receiving unconditionally. I’ve had great success here. If you don’t have something like this in your neighborhood why not start something similar?
  •  E-Waste(it’s illegal to dispose of your old electronics in your trash or recycle bins): So check with your local community with the best way to recycle it, they may also have an E-Waste program where you can just drop off all your e-waste in one place.
    • laptops, computers, monitors
    • microwaves, television, VCRs, radios
    • printers, fax machines, copiers
    • cell/smart phones, PDAs, power adapters
  • Prescription bottles: Call the free clinics, local vet, animal shelters, and homeless shelters and see if they will take your empty prescription bottles. Some of them will take it and reuse to fill prescriptions for people or animals.
  • Old shower curtains: Don’t throw that away! Just clean it up and you can use it for many things. You can use it as a tarp for camping, a cover for your bike, a cover for your car seats or carpet to keep it from getting dirty, or you can use it to cover your floors if you are going to paint your walls. This is just a few ideas…I’m sure you’ll come up with more.
  • Packing peanuts: At one point I accumulated a ton of those little packing peanuts. I called up my local business & shipping center and asked if they would take my excess collection. They were glad to. So call up your local business/shipping center and ask if they will take yours.
  • Old towels, bed sheets, blankets: Consider donating your old towels, bed sheets, blankets, and comforters to animal shelters. They are also looking for old beddings to provide a comfy place for the little furry friends.
  • Old newspapers & magazines: Reuse the old newspapers and magazines by wrapping gifts in them. They make unique gift wrappers and you’re helping save trees!!!
  • Plastic food containers: Do you eat out a lot? Don’t put the plastic containers in the recycle bin. You can reuse that for your own food. Use it to store leftovers, use it for the lunch you’re bringing to work, or even store dry foods in them.
  • Old heels, shoes, boots: What about turning your old shoes or boots into a new home for plants? I think it’s such a great and creative idea. I’m starting to get a green thumb and will experiment with this.

I think this is a great start. What do you already recycle that is not in this list? Please leave a comment below. I would love to hear about it!

Photo credit: Patrick Hajzler


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